The Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center is a Denver-based non-profit whose mission is to promote the employee-ownership model as an important business option in our nation’s system of free enterprise, and as a path to greater commercial vitality, employment opportunity and economic security for all Americans.

Innovations in Community Wealth Policy

On May 29, 2014, The Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, in collaboration with The Denver Foundation, The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and The Mile High Business Alliance, hosted an event presented by Steve Dubb of the Democracy Collaborative on "Innovations in Community Wealth Policy". The 45 attendees represented a wide-range of community leaders including local politicians, college officials, anchor institution executives, city economic development officials from Aurora and Denver, as well as non-profit organizations that are committed to the work of building an economy that works for the rest of us. 

Community of Cooperative Schools

Community of Cooperative Schools is a proposed community based Charter School applying jointly to Aurora Public Schools (APS) and Charter School Institute (CSI). There are three major programmatic features that define Community of Cooperative Schools: The business model; educational models; and additional curriculum features. These work together to empower the school to fulfill its mission to prepare diverse learners to become leaders making sustainable contributions to the world. The school is designed according to permaculture standards and will be a “green” sustainable model.

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2013 - A Busy Year for RMEOC!

In 2009, we started a movement. It began with a question: "In light of the economic collapse, are there alternatives to fear and political paralysis?" We answered with a resounding yes! We will not participate in defeat! Every crisis offers yet to be discovered opportunities! A community-based, employee-owned "new economy" is emerging, and RMEOC is a part of the action. 2013 has been a banner year.

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Defining Our Direction

A two-day event, funded with a grant from The Denver Foundation, was held in October with consultant Jeff Ambs of Third Principle and Social Venture Partners (SVP) to establish RMEOC’s brand vision, position, personality, and affiliation.

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Native Employee-Owned Development Pilot Project

The Learning/Action Lab of the Native Employee-Owned Development Pilot Project took place at The Denver Foundation this November 20-22. Steve Dubb and Ted Howard of the Democracy Collaborative's planning team were joined by cooperative attorney Linda Phillips, board member of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center.

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An Exit Strategy For Colorado's Entrepreneurs

By Miller Hudson, Colorado Statesman, November 4, 2013

John Cassidy speculated recently in his New Yorker blog that America’s dysfunctional politics might be entwined with our dysfunctional economics.  With one third of Americans struggling to pay their bills and the remainder of the middle class experiencing an inexorable evaporation of their discretionary income, there is much to be unhappy about...

Off center stage more and more Americans are working together to launch initiatives designed to alter both our economics and our politics.  The Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (RMEOC) is one of these grassroots organizations.  Since small businesses employ the vast majority of Coloradans and create the bulk of our new jobs, their health and survival is a matter of importance for all of us.

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RMEOC's First Conference A Success

RMEOC’s first conference, "Community Wealth-Building - Creating a New Economy",  was held September 7, 2013 at the Tivoli Center of Denver's Auraria campus in collaboration with Co-operate Colorado and The Denver Foundation.

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A More Egalitarian Economy

By Dave Anderson, Boulder Weekly, September 26, 2013

It’s easy to get depressed. Every social advance that progressives have won is in danger. There is a growing despair over the inability of traditional politics to address the immense economic/environmental/political crises and the deep crevasse between the rich and the rest of us.

But there is hope. Small-scale experiments in creating a better society are quietly emerging all over the place. The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland has been gathering information on a steadily growing hodgepodge of alternative economic institutions in communities across America.

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ESOPS and Coops: Employee Ownership as a Model for Succession Planning

Live program will be at the CBA-CLE Large Classroom
1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO

Do you represent businesses or advise business owners on succession planning? Attend this event for essential information on an important succession planning option available to business owners – employee ownership. Learn what Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are and how they work. Learn what cooperatives are and how to convert or sell to one. Hear from individuals representing 100% employee-owned cooperatives who will address how and why their businesses chose employee ownership for their succession plans.

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Press Release - Community Wealth Building Conference

Conference on ‘new economy’ to feature trailblazers in employee ownership

August 26, 2013 (Denver) – Colorado is home to two of the three, flagship employee-owned companies featured in the award-winning 2011 documentary film ‘We the Owners'. Leaders at Namaste Solar and New Belgium Brewing are among those scheduled to present at ‘Community Wealth-Building: Creating the New Economy’, a conference set for 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Sept. 7 in the Baerresen Ballroom at the Tivoli Student Union at 900 Auraria Parkway in Denver.

Hosted by The Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, the conference will feature keynote speaker Steve Dubb, one of the strategic planners behind Cleveland’s pioneering Evergreen Cooperatives and Research Director at the Democracy Collaborative.

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